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WAAAGH Taktiks Stickers

WAAAGH Taktiks Stickers

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Shape It, Stick It, Show It Off!

Wanna mark yer territory or show off yer allegiance to da Great Waaagh!? Our kiss-cut stickers are just da gubbinz for da job! This clever cuttin' lets us shape da sticker any way you fancy – whether that's the symbol of Gork (or Mork), yer favorite shoota, or even yer own mug.

The magic part? The back stays whole, so you can peel it off smooth and slap it on your battlewagon, dakka, or even your grot's forehead. It's a top-notch way to flaunt that you're part of the biggest, baddest mob in the galaxy!


Remember, these stickers are not just for showin' off – they're for shoutin' to the cosmos that you're part of the Great Waaagh! Stick 'em where they'll cause the most envy and let 'em know not to mess with Our WAAAGH, or we's knok ya teef out!

.: Made 100% with durable vinyl that comes with strong 3M glue for decorations that last. Perfect for spicing up indoor decor (not waterproof).
.: Choose between 4 sizes to match your needs. All stickers are 0.004" (1mm) thick and come with a stylish glossy finish.

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